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Beware of Dangerous Animals during Rainy Season
Walking out at night or going into tall grass or brush, make sure to wear heavy boots and long pants, use a flashlight and a long stick to probe the area before you step into it. If bitten by a snake, don’t worry about identifying or catching it. Just go straight to a nearest hospital. Fi...
Rabies Situation in Thailand
Rabies is a potentially fatal but preventable viral disease. More than 55,000 deaths from more than 150 countries per annum occur mostly in Africa and Asia. Over 30,000 mortalities were reported in Asia alone. Dogs are the main vector that transmits the disease to human. Rabies mortality in Thailand...
Rabies Fact
Protect yourself from RabiesWhat  is  rabies? Rabies is a zoonotic potentially fatal but preventable viral disease that causes acute encephalitis in warm-blooded animals. Which  animals  can  get  rabies?Any warm-blooded animal (bats, monkeys, raccoons, foxes, skun...

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