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8 Ways to Stay Safe While Enjoy Street Foods In Bangkok

Street Foods:   Eating is a part of traveling experience, especially, for visitors who travel to Bangkok for the first time. Most street foods are accessible at 24/7 and not only delicious but also economical. A street food may be cheaper than the same food prepared at home. Besides, where high competition exists, clients will benefit from both more flavorful food and lower cost. However, street foods may cause mild to severe illnesses to consumers because of various contaminations. Should you take these precautions and use common sense, sure you enjoy eating street foods safely.

You may agree that Thai food is spicy but wonderful. One way to try tasting various Thai dishes is via street foods because they are available almost everywhere and at anytime in the city. Besides, the cost is inexpensive when compared to those sold in restaurants. The main problem of street foods is health risk from several contaminations, e.g. pathogenic micro-organisms, toxin, heavy metals, pesticide residues, unpermitted food additives, and, even dust and dirt. Most Thai people enjoy eating street foods without getting sick, but unaccustomed travelers may experience stomach upsets or from mild, moderate, to severe diarrhea. Usually, street foods associate with food- and water-borne illnesses such as food poisoning, diarrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis E, typhoid, and cholera. 

Therefore, travelers should do these basic safety measures:

1. Avoid ice, especially at roadside food vendors. However, ice products from standard manufacturers are safe. Thus, check for FDA code on ice packages prior to purchasing.
2. Drink bottled water. Do not drink tap water unless it is properly boiled.
3. Eat hot food that is prepared when you order it or just cooked in front of you. Avoid pre-prepared food that stays there for hours.
4. Ready-to-eat items should be displayed under appropriate cover.
5. Avoid raw forms of food, meat and vegetables. Eat well cooked food at sufficient temperatures.
6. Purchase items from food vendors that look clean or perform adequate personal hygiene.
7. Flies, cockroaches, and rodents can contaminate food mechanically. Hence, observe the environment and avoid places that are infested with these pests.
8. Eat fruits that are properly peeled to avoid pesticide residues.

 Foods prepared on the street can be found in most locations of Bangkok. They are popular for a number of reasons such as convenience, affordable price, and availability. Nevertheless, they can pose important health risk to consumers due to microbial contamination, chemicals as well as environmental contamination. Taking precautions to minimize the risk of getting food- and water-borne illnesses through street foods is worth enjoyable stay in Bangkok. For more information on food safety, please contact our Call Center : 1422 or phone number 0-2590-3190 (Office Hours : 08.30-16.30 hr, Monday to Friday). If you get diarrhea or are not feeling well, seek medical advice from the nearest health facilities immediately.

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