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Beware of Dangerous Animals during Rainy Season


Walking out at night or going into tall grass or brush, make sure to wear heavy boots and long pants, use a flashlight and a long stick to probe the area before you step into it. If bitten by a snake, don’t worry about identifying or catching it. Just go straight to a nearest hospital. First aid for snake bites involves washing bitten area with soap and water, welting the bitten area with a stick (as to patient with a fracture), lying still with slightest movement.

Centipede or scorpion bites are more painful than other insect bites because of higher amount of venom. Those who sensitive to the venom’s effects may have severe pain and big localized swelling at the site of the bite or sting. Other symptoms include high fever, nausea, muscle spasms or seizures.

If bitten by a centipede or stung by a scorpion, promptly rinse the bite or sting site with water and soap for several times. Apply antihistamine cream at swelling and redness. If severe pain persists, take pain relief medicine and ice the bite or sting site. In case of having fever and headache, rest after medication; if not getting better, go to a nearby hospital immediately.

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